BETA “Better Empathy Towards Animals”, the leading organisation for animal welfare in Serbia, launched their first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in partnership with CROWDiscover, following the phenomenal success of their Thunderclap campaign, which was more than 640% supported with a social reach of 2.3 MILLION people.

Serbia, a country which had unfortunately become synonymous to the word "trouble" in the past, continues to tackle a vast array of problems entangled with international propaganda. Socio-political, educational and financial instability for decades have led to lack of awareness and respect for core values in the society. Animal welfare and animal rights are still relatively taboo topics in this region, despite of it being a significant problem. Local authorities, institutions and most people held responsible for resolutions have ignored these problems for far too long. Cruelty towards animals, especially stray dogs can be witnessed all over Serbia. Volunteers from BETA witness such horrific scenes on a regular basis, such as, animals with their legs chopped off and left to die, excessive mutilation, mass-poisoning, brutal killing, irresponsible ownership and enormous number of abandoned animals on the streets.

Stray animals are alike everywhere and BETA has been seeking a safer and more responsible attitude towards them for years. Hence, they have become the largest volunteer run organisation for animal welfare in Serbia with a vision to establish harmony between humans and animals. They have well trained small teams of workers and volunteers from all walks of life who have dedicated themselves to this cause. Many problems are collectively resolved by participation of authorised personnel, competent authorities, registered veterinary doctors and volunteers. They administer various techniques such as spay/neutering of stray animals, strong focus on adoption, responsible ownership and organisation of educational events for school children and the general public. Since inception, the organisation has found homes for over 2000 stray animals and has stopped further reproduction of over 2500 street dogs and cats through clinical neutering. A lot has been achieved during these years, but was it enough?

Stay updated with the progress by following BETA's activities on their social profiles. All donations and contributions via PayPal are fully directed towards the cause.

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