​​CROWDiscover is an innovative and powerful platform for Global Crowdfunding and Social Promotion. We are a pioneer in crowdfunding automation, leveraging the best possible solutions for a project, reducing your risk of failure. We provide end-to-end support and social media marketing solutions tailored to your crowdfunding campaign or promoting the online presence of your brand or product to a truly global audience!

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Our Mission

We live in an age when we are more connected than ever. Collaborative social technology continues to have a powerful impact on the society, reaching more and more people every day. At CROWDiscover, our mission is to bridge the gap between great ideas and greater possibilities. Discovering the right crowd for your product or brand is the key to ensure scalability and deliver results. We provide one stop solutions for aspiring projects as the medium between crowdfunding, social presence and funding platforms.

Our vision is to empower budding entrepreneurs, organisations and non-profits in emerging markets to evolve using crowdfunding as a resource and bring their projects to life. Remarkable ideas can originate from anywhere and our journey has just begun. Join our community and get discovered as
together w
e can succeed!

 Meet Our People

  • Mike Channa
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CEO and Founder

Visionary Serial Entrepreneur, Crowdfunding, Learning and Startup Aficionado, Investor and much more.


Project Manager

A seasoned professional with an acumen for success, David strategises our project methodologies.


Social Media Manager

Anna instils her in-depth knowledge and social charm across the spectrum of her areas of expertise.


Lead Designer

As an extremely talented designer, Mark brings a plethora of design expertise to our team.

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• Tell us more about the latest market trends concerning your area of expertise.

{...} If we talk about crowdfunding, what started as an industry in its infancy has rapidly grown into a multi-billion dollar giant. It is perhaps by far the best global marketplace for buying new products or venturing into something new, as the industry thrives on creativity. Gone are the days when Kickstarter or Indiegogo were the default choice, as there is now a crowdfunding platform for every niche and segment. Companies are deviating towards a shared responsibility of success of a campaign, giving equal emphasis to the campaigner, and not just the backers. For product oriented campaigns, the process has become far more streamlined than before, but not necessarily easier. At CROWDiscover, we have a highly engaging and direct approach with the campaigners, as most of them tend to focus more on their projects, than the campaign itself.

• How did you get into helping entrepreneurs and your clients?

{...} Lack of funds and more importantly, lack of access to traditional resources of funding is another massive barrier. Crowdfunding may not create funds out of thin air, and we are certainly not debt collectors or provide grants, but it is certainly a viable alternative. At CROWDiscover, our vision is to empower budding entrepreneurs, organisations and non-profits in emerging markets to evolve using crowdfunding as a resource and bring their projects to life. Remarkable ideas can originate from anywhere and our journey has just begun. We focus on bridging the gap between great ideas and greater possibilities. The path is tough, but we are a part of that ecosystem where someone has to get down and dirty and deal with the problems we face as a globalised society.

• Can you dive into some of the psychological barriers of building a company that entrepreneurs tend to skip?

• Never ever hesitate to reach out, just go for it. Missing a lead is worse than not having one.
• Stay organised and utilise your time, one can only do so much in a given time frame!
• You can NEVER be too resilient, perseverance and hunger for success is paramount.
• Always be selling and always be closing, the golden rule.
• Avoid and eradicate negative and foolish people at all cost, believe in yourself. Listen to successful people (they have less to say, more to offer); do not listen to unsuccessful people (they have a lot to say, very little to offer).


Mike Channa on HuffPost

 What We Do?

Whether your campaign is on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform; whether your social presence is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms, we provide an array of integrated marketing solutions, specifically designed to support your crowdfunding campaign or boost your social presence.


Fully integrated and state of the art support for a significant boost to your social media presence.


End-to-end support for your crowdfunding campaign on all major platforms.


Expertise advice and solutions for all stages of your campaign strategy and launch.


A vast array of solutions for designing your perfect campaign and represent your brand.

Empowering Great Ideas With Greater Possibilities

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